“When others might feel overwhelmed, I feel creative.  I live for that moment of joy on their face when they see their kitchen and realize their dreams came true.”


Hi there, I’m Dolores.

Originally an East Coast gal, I spent 20 + years in northern New Jersey. I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to travel across the country to bring renovations and remodels to life. Experiencing different regions and cultures brings great innovation to projects, and whether the property is here in warm sunny Arizona, or elsewhere in the US, I offer the same level of service with an exciting level of energy.

Your home is the most cherished space and I believe it is important to ensure the intimate details of the project are well-managed and well attended to. This means both technically, and accurately executing.

As a 35 year veteran in the Kitchen and Bath industry, I am still intrigued daily by new projects, new challenges and the adventures.  Not just the great hiking in Arizona, but the adventure of drawing visions out of homeowners – taking thoughts and ideas and crafting them into dreams!

I have worked in many aspects of the industry, all the way from the sales floor in a showroom to the drawing room with the architect.  It’s like a puzzle for me. I enjoy taking all aspects of the project, from design to budget and making them fit, well. Your home is your investment, and you deserve to get the most value for that investment.  My job is to put those puzzle pieces together in the best way possible.

As you might notice, my projects vary in look and feel because my job is not to bring my style to a project, but rather bring my systems and relationships.  Using my experience in the industry will add value, efficiency and effectiveness.