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Hi, welcome! My name is Dolores, Designs
by Dolores. I wanted to take an
opportunity to try and shortcut some of
the questions that seem to come up over
and over again with clients over the
years of my experience in the kitchen
and bath industry. There are certain
things that we start with when we’re
deciding whether or not we want to
remodel our homes and that is what these
are: positioning, are we selling the home,
are we going to be remodeling to stay
in the home; what does the equity of an
our property. Do you do a facelift or do
you actually do a whole remodel? A lot of
those decisions are really going to be
based on what your return on the
investment wants to be. If you’re looking
to sell the home there are many many
times when it makes much more sense for
you just to keep the home the way it is.
There are times when it’s just not going
to be worth investing the time and money
and remodeling a property because you
may not be able to price it at a point
to actually get the return on that
investment. Immediately it also becomes very
important to understand that your taste
and what you think you would potentially
do with the home is not always going to
be consistent with what people want. Even
though we necessarily talk all about the
trends and what are people doing and
what should I do with my home and do I
want a white kitchen well sometimes that
just isn’t the right thing for the space
and maybe the people that are going to
purchase your home are not necessarily
going to be interested in the white
kitchen. Now this of course is always
very important to keep in mind if your
¬†home isn’t solid, if it needs to
be updated because it has just seen its
last legs; if that needs to be done, it’s
time to remode, if obviously that’s not
the situation that we’re talking about
that is something that we do need to do
the facelift and you certainly want to
make sure that anytime that you’re
selling a home that you’re going to be
putting it in the position to be able to
have the mass
come in and be attractive to the fact
that it’s clean, it’s updated, everything
is functioning and that it does have
some relevance in the marketplace.
For yourselves it’s always really fun to
be able to have a project for
yourself as far as being able to stay in
the home then definitely do the project,
do the remodel, invest in the property.
It’s the type of thing that you will get
years and years of enjoyment out of it.
I recently moved into this home;
we have remodeled every inch of this
home, I truly appreciated the fact that
the sellers that owned the home part of
us do not do big investments in the
property. I definitely wanted to do my
own thing I definitely wanted to create
a space that showed my personality and
my family it’s going to play very
differently for me than it is for
someone else and I have loved every
second of it and it has to truly been a
joy. I appreciate the opportunity to
speak with you, if you’d love to get more
information and talk about other
subjects and what might be appropriate
for your home and your investment please
reach out to me at Designs by Dolores,
Dolores Sonia
Have a fabulous day!