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Hi, I’m Dolores, Designs by Dolores. I want
to thank you very much for taking a
moment out of your day to join me. Wanted
to have a little conversation today
about whether or not you really do need
to have a professional remodel a
simple hall bathroom. You’re really just
going to be replacing things kind of
where they are the sinks or the sinks
the toilets where it’s gonna be maybe
it’s a tub and shower maybe it’s going
to become a shower only and if you don’t
want to have the tub application anymore
and it just seems to be
counterproductive but to have a
professional from most people’s
perspective. I had a little experience
recently remodelled my hall bathroom and
I know how to remote bathrooms, obviously
this is what I do for a living so when
you sit down and start really realizing
all of the selections and all of the
trades that need to be involved with the
project it very quickly becomes
overwhelming. You need to be able to
understand how the features are going to
function some of the back behind the
wall application from a mechanical
perspective as well as how aesthetically
and how the finishes are going to come
together. On the front end, you also need
to be very concerned and considerate
about how the trades are going to be
able to work on the job in the space.
Most hall bathrooms
will not be able to accommodate more
than one trade at a time; you’re gonna
have the contractors come in to do the
rip out then you’re gonna need to have
plumbing rough plumbing and electrical
done. Those two people can’t be there at
the same time, we need to now have tile
work done there needs to be a million
details that go into this process’ we
want to make sure we understand what
blocking we need, we had a very fluid
project. We have very very good people on
the job until it came to the tile person,
my child the tile person that was
recommended to me to work came into my
house was a great guy nice person I’m
100 percent
sure he was applying the wonderboard or
the board that protects the walls for
the tile in a way that I was very very
uncomfortable with because I knew for a
fact that it was going to be creating a
water problem later on. These are
the kinds of things that only a
professional is going to be able to see,
my husband had actually made the comment
to me thank God that you were here
because I would have never known that
that would have even been a problem, and
it wasn’t the kind of thing that was
gonna be a problem tomorrow wasn’t all
the sudden gonna have water leak, but
over time there is no question that
there was going to be a problem long
term and that’s certainly not something
that I would want to have the next
person that purchases this home to have
a problem with. Or certainly I don’t want
to have to deal with that later on
because clearly those people are going
to be gone. Warranties are not part of
the consideration; at the end of the day,
the real big part of being able to hire
a professional to do your projects
whether it’s a big project or a small
it’s all the details and all the little
things that a trained eye and a trade
process is going to be able to help you
with. I really appreciate you taking the
time to speak with me, I’d love the
opportunity to talk a little bit more
with you about your project
don’t hesitate to reach out to me at
which is my website, and I’d love the
opportunity to see how we might be able
to work together for your project!